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Plan your vacation
to Maldives

Maldives remain one of the most fascinating places to travel for the people. It is full of dreamy, and unexplored islands along with ventures beyond hotel stay. There are variety of things one can do in order to explore this magnificent island that is located in the far stretched Arabian Sea of the Indian Ocean.

Create a travel itinerary
like a pro

A travel itinerary carefully outlines all the elements that are important for your travelling. A good itinerary helps give shape and structure to a trip making it fully planned. For some, creating an itinerary for travelling might seem like daunting task but it is quite simple to create one. All you need is a basic travel information and you’re ready to plan your trip in an organized and efficient manner.

Beach v/s Mountain:
The age old battle!

Beach versus Mountain have always been a questionable debate when it comes to travelers. It is very similar to the cat versus dog debate but in a larger scale. People who prefer beach tend to dislike mountain or vice versa. There are studies that revealed a transpiring link between personality and the geographical bent.

Plan a perfect
family vacation

Planning a family vacation might seem daunting to some but it can actually be a huge life savior step for your entire vacation. Here’s how you can plan a perfect family vacation.