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Plan your vacation to Maldives

Maldives remain oneof the most fascinating places to travel for the people. It is full of dreamy, and unexplored islands along with ventures beyond hotel stay. There are variety of things one can do in order to explore this magnificent island that is located in the far stretched Arabian Sea of the Indian Ocean.

1) Parasailing

If adventure runs in your veins, and you are one of those adrenaline-rush lovers, then Parasailing is the ultimate experience for you. You can experience it in Maldives, where you can feel the gushing wind and the sound of the sea at its best.

2) Dhoni cruise

Dhoni is a traditional Maldivian wooden boat, which is used to take vacationers on a typical excursion on the island. It can be used to enjoy fishing by the sunset, or exploring uninhabited islands.

3) Island hopping

From Male to Medhufushi, or Filitheyo to Hondaafushi, Maldives is loaded with absolutely gorgeous islands offering you the breathtaking sunsets and even a chance to savor the traditional meals in the local markets.

4) Dine underwater

Imagine sitting in a restaurant underwater? Maldives offer this fantasy like dream. You can visit such a restaurant and relish the best of traditional food while enjoying the view of stingrays, turtles, or even sharks.

5) Spot a whale shark

Scuba diving in Maldives will unleash the nutrient-rich waters for the marine life. You can spot vividly colored tropical fish, reef sharks, sea turtles, whale sharks, manta ray, etc., are one of the many attractions in the Maldives water.

6) See glowing beach

The glowing beach or popularly known as the sea of stars seems straight out of the fairytales. The water in the beach reflects light only at night because of the bioluminescent plankton. Take a stroll along the breathtaking sea and live your fantasy!