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Beach v/s Mountain: The age old battle!

Beach versus Mountain have always been a questionable debate when it comes to travelers. It is very similar to the cat versus dog debate but in a larger scale. People who prefer beach tend to dislike mountain or vice versa. There are studies that revealed a transpiring link between personality and the geographical bent.

Some people tend to put vacation as synonymous to sunsets, tan lines and beach waves. While some tend to associate it with the stillness of mountains. Does your heart crave for the sunkissed selfies or that pahado vali chai?

For the beach lovers:

Vacation for these would summarize as pressing your swimsuit, bathing suit, sunscreens, and hitting the sea shore. You blossom with the irresistible energy that the sea shore, sea, and the sun give and love the enthusiastic and playful vibe of the ocean. You can't get enough of the endless blue waters and each time you visit a sea shore, you have a childlike happiness as though you are seeing the orange skies for the absolute first time.

For the mountain lovers:

You are enchanted by the heavenly mountains and it confuses you when others don't comprehend why you absorb the mountain air more often. Your concept of getting high in life is finding a comfortable bungalow in the slopes that faces the vast span of greenery or valleys. You are nature's infant and mountains are your ultimate calling in life.

Either way, you believe in planning that helps you staying on track while you are on a trip and helps you utilize every bit of your getaway.