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Why Partner with Travedise - A Vacation Banking Company

Statistics reveal that 86% of timeshare sales happen only when the customer is assured of an exchange facility. In other words, resort properties which are affiliated to the vacation exchange companies have more robust sales propositions a it powers members to exchange their holidays worldwide through the platform thus making your membership proposition more robust and stimulating.

Travedise enhances your vacation ownership product by providing members with access to the most realistic network of affiliated resorts.

At Travedise, we understand the need for hassle free vacations for all your members without any worries like Trading Powers, Guest Certificates, Space Banking Extensions, TPROs, Deposit Restore etc. We believe in building trust with a clear member centric approach and understand your need to provide them with a picture perfect vacation, cherish the time you set aside each year to get away and create memories that will last a lifetime. We are so dedicated to delivering vacation memories that last a lifetime by redefining the quality of vacations for you. All our affiliate partners have exclusive access to a plethora of timeshare and vacation ownership related products, services, and solutions which gives them the competitive advantage to support and enhance their efforts in driving growth and revenue.

Travedise is innovative with first-to-market “pay as you live lifestyle” solutions for the vacation ownership industry. Travedise aims to advance the public image, consumer confidence, and the vacation ownership industry’s contribution to regional tourism. Our Travedise account management team, which includes experienced and passionate professionals with an in-depth knowledge and experience in the vacation ownership industry, partners with you to grow and engage with your members, giving you a competitive advantage.