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The Benefits of being a Travedise Affiliate

Travedise enhances your vacation ownership product by providing members with access to the most realistic network of affiliated resorts. Our affiliate program "Your Vacation Bank" offers exquisite customer satisfaction through strong alliances and affiliations. The various benefits that can be derived from Travedise as an affiliate:

Enhance Brand Loyalty

The Vacation Ownership model guarantees long-term customer loyalty and stickiness. Further, becoming a Travedise affiliated property, your resort/ hotel becomes a part of a much larger exchange pool, offering an opportunity for increased new customer experiences and relationships.

Enhanced Customer experience

Your property, with access to Travedise value-added services like Cruises, Concierge services, Vacation consulting etc. offers competitive advantage to support and enhance marketing efforts; while the attractive benefits to consumers help create positive experiences with your property.

Return On Investment

With Travedise you have an opportunity to de-risk your investment, since major portion of your revenues are obtained upfront. Also, as a developer you are ensuring maximum occupancy for your property and ensuring returns even in periods of calamity or low footfalls.

Steady Cash Flow

Financial stability delivered by timeshare owners’ annual maintenance fee payments provide a dependable and steady flow of management revenue, contributing to management or club fees, staff salary, property maintenance, housekeeping, etc.

Maximizing On Peripheral Services

Higher occupancy levels all year long, drive increased retail and F&B revenues, spa revenues and other associated services. Also, with Travedise Vacation Banking, members tend to engage in longer stays with greater opportunities for peripheral services consumption.

Minimizing Seasonality Impact

Resistance to standard seasonal lodging cycles - leveling out peaks and troughs, bringing more certainty to staff planning and operational management and increasing revenue streams.

An Additional Marketing Opportunity

By featuring as a Travedise affiliated property, you have an additional opportunity to market your resort/ hotel to a newer customer base. As Travedise members search for specific locations, your resort/ hotel gets featured as part of the search and leads to footfalls to your own website.

Mixed Use Resorts

Travedise’ Vacation Bank model augments your product by enhancing the variety (of location/category & style) and flexibility (of date/preference & region) to your guest members, both corporate as well as individual.

Building A New Way Of Vacationing

Most of all, be part of a new way of vacationing with Travedise and help make luxury vacations accessible to youngsters with a ‘pay as you live’ lifestyle. Don’t be left behind in capturing their mindshare today.